Remember the mysterious “Keow Suay Hom” name ( Green Beautuful Fragrant). It appeared in 2010 as part of the “Chiang Mai Iam” public relations exercise to make Chiang Mai more livable with a cleaner environment and stronger community. Four years on with smog as usual can we see anything but a backslide? Take a look at this: – and to enjoy the perfume take a trip to Samoeng Neur 50 km from town or bicycle down to McKean Rehabilitation Center.

Fragrant Clerodendrum viscosum


“PiiMot” or Clerodendrum viscosum  could be commonplace in Chiang Mai’s parks if it were to be planted as it will spread from the roots to make excellent habitat for birds and butterflies. Gum Hak Doi Suthep planted some in the Kanchana Pisek Park which were recently destroyed in council “makeover”. The good news is that trees we planted to restore some of the original biodiversity survive.