El Ninyo looks like being a real killer in 2023-24. It’s already dry, and possibly more hot heat is to come.

Usually, the rainy season in Thailand starts from about July onwards, which is the best time to plant forest trees.

Takien & Payom forest remnant in Chang Kien

But by the last week in August, dry soil is common, so planting is risky business unless water is good at a location, perhaps beside a stream.

Perhaps a less risky spot is an artificial streamside in Lanna Park ?

On this Google Earth image, I have superimposed a yellow line with white dots to suggest where to plant ten Takien trees that recently arrived from the Samoeng Neur Forest Development Nursery. They could be planted in an irregular line zigzagging across a stream.

To the right of the image is a straight line of old Mango trees leading to the racecourse. The Mangos here develop a canopy spread of up to 20 m and have a good separation of 17 m. Takien trees grow as large and tall, giving excellent shade all year round.

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