A look at Udon Thani.

Despite a lack lustre local government administration in Nakhorn Ping Chiang Mai , activities of a very informal, barely visible, network of environmentalists has been making inroads into the generally poor management of urban trees.  From care for old established trees, to returning flourishing indigenous trees to the urban landscape, at virtually no cost by utilizing community enthusiasm and government tree nursery stock, and we have been developing our tree expertise or Treespertise as we might call it.

View of Udon Thani Nong Bua Park Lake.

Travelling around Thailand one sees that the kinds of problems we have observed in Chiang Mai are common to many towns. Recently during a stop over in the north eastern city of Udon Thani, less than 100 km from the Mekong River and the Lao PDR capital of Viengchan, I spent an hour walking around an urban park.

Udon has more than one well placed park for residents and the Nong Bua ( Lily Pond ) Park is only 200 metres from the railway station. As with the Railway Park of Chiang Mai , Nong Bua Park was redeveloped in 2004 and the trees planted were large advanced specimens transplanted from elsewhere. Palms have done well as has one line of Pradoo trees. However many other trees have either died or not established well, and as these photos show, the park has little shade.

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As with Chiang Mai, Udon has community interest in nature conservation as this sign in the park indicates. Here is an organisation which our Meur Yen Meung Yen movement, which planted thousands of trees around the city moat in 2014, can befriend and encourage to act likewise by planting small trees in Udon Thani.

Udon Community sign

.. Below are photos of the park. Click on any to see a description..

Under performing trees

Car Park



Bullrushes in Lily Pond

Bridge to the Island

Chinese Community Center

Udon Thani Park Entrance