In politics Opportunism is often regarded as a dirty word, as for example when say a migrant commits a crime and opportunist politicians use this to denigrate all migrants and arouse fear and hated in an otherwise peaceful society.

In nature many organisms are opportunistic, and some to be feared if they are exotic weeds. For example, in a forest if a great tree falls, allowing sunlight to reach the forest floor and exposing earth with its roots upturned, plants with tiny seeds which could not survive in the shade and dense leaf litter can spring to life and succeed.

Late this September, towards the end of a very wet season a pair of young tourists from the USA, Lance and Miranda were spotted walking at Huai Teng Tao by opportunist seed collector and tree planter Ricky, and here was the result.

Lance the videographer got the cushy job of recording Miranda’s tree planting, well he couldn’t afford to grubby expensive equipment and thankfully he didn’t as the video and photos attest.

Had Lance and Miranda not turned up , Ricky would likely have become so engrossed in weeding that the eight trees brought for planting would never have made it into the ground.

So thanks a million team.

Ricky Miranda & Lance Tree Planters

Ricky Miranda & Lance Tree Planters