Just between ChiangMai University and the Zoo on the road to Doi Suthep is the oldest and best park of the city known as the Huai Keow Arboretum.

In ancient times, before the invention of the Shopping Mall ChiangMai folk used to seek refuge from a hot and dusty town under the trees here.

Tucked in between the park and an ancient earth rampart and moat is another cool secret, the Forest Nursery.

The seedlings beneath YangNa trees.

Take a wander there, and although the range of trees is not great, you may find some suitable for your forest or amenity planting.

Gum Haj Doi Suthep has been kindly allowed space to grow a few trees here which the staff water as part of their routine.

This week, July 4th 2016, I collected some hard to find in nursery tiny trees in forest in Nan province and below is the result, now in bags to grow on in the nursery.

Seedlings from the Nan forests

2 Aphanamixis polystachia

10 Anogeissus acuminata

20 Celtis timorensis , and also

10 Ficus callous, which come up wild in town and the nursery.


The nursery also has an orchid conservation project, and the photo shows Mr Oh preparing orchids grown at Mae Jo University for placing on the limbs of trees in the evergreen forest high on Doi Suthep-Pui.

Orchid Preparation

The office ,which has educational displays, is in a new building facing Huai Keow Rd at the Eastern end of the Arboretum park.The staff there may be able to assist visitors with enquiries.