In June we called for volunteers to help our program of restoring indigenous trees to Chiang Mai and since we have had two mornings of activities with a skeleton group.

NOTE: New Date 24/6/2016

Now some more folk have volunteerecd, including a pair of early birds who are determined to avoid the heat, which may or may not appear later in the day.

So if you can come please write a note in the comments below.

The work site is around 10 km from town on the West side of the Irrigation Canal heading north towards Mae Rim. Below are some Google Earth images to help you find your way.

Huai Teng Tao Planting Zone

Huai Teng Tao Planting Zone


Our rendez-vous is by the sala on the right at the bottom of the above picture.


Huai Teng Tao Lake

Huai Teng Tao Lake (click to expand image, and click again)