“Why is the air pollution so severe early in the Smoky Season?”  many people are asking. “Last year, the number of days when haze was above safety levels between Jan 1 – Feb 24 totalled only seven, compared with 25 in the same period this year.” Reports the Bangkok Post, Feb 26.

These photographs taken on land managed by the army at Mae Rim February 25th 2016 give an indication. There extensive areas like this and some are sprouting new grass growth a couple of weeks after fire.

Army Land Mae Rim Burnt Fenced
Army Land Mae Rim Burnt
Army Land Mae Rim Burnt Greening

(Note click on the first image above to see commentary and click again to magnify the image )

This graph compares readings from 5 provinces. If you may be considering avoiding Chiang Mai for a less polluted place in the north click on the little square above the letters PM10 and all will be revealed.

PM10 -Lamphun Orange, Phrae Green,Phayao Green, Nan Red

To be continued…