The road toll is seldom out of the news in Thailand and today brought news in the Bangkok Post of the death of three and injuries to more cyclists from the Sansai cycling club.

Reckless speeding was the cause of today’s deaths but also one could say reckless spending on an over-engineered bike path beside a stretch of the irrigation canal from ChiangMai’s International Corruption and Exhibition Center to Huai Teng Tao. (Photos coming soon)


Duabanga grandiflora, planted one year ago

Duabanga grandiflora, planted one year ago at Huai Teng Tao


Why is the government avoiding spending to curtail speeding motor vehicles – cars,trucks,vans, motor bikes, while squandering funds on show projects and ignoring the informed views of cyclists?

Bike Path Barriers

Cyclists had no say in the design of these barriers which prevent bike trailer and wheelchair access to both the bike path and parallel running track.