Of late it seems everyone in town is complaining about traffic jams. Only yesterday my neighbor complained that it took her three hours to go and buy shoes at the Worowat Market and return home to Nimmanhaemin Soi 1. The red taxis are trying to keep out of the traffic snarls and make some money taking tourists out of town and who can blame them?

But now the Traffic Police, bless their souls, have come upon a solution , in small print below:

No Parking 12:00-22:00

No parking 12 noon to 10 pm on the nigh eternally congested Nimmanhaemin Rd.

So now we have a defacto bicycle-pedestrian-motorbike lane and no delays and no congestion …

Defacto Bike lane

Except for the four and more wheeled polluting fossil fuel guzzlers.

Why biking is better

Thanks Coppers.

.. update

Nimman shared no car lane

 Ten year disgrace  Warning: The Western side lane needs immediate resurfacing to make it bicycle and pedestrian safe.









When patrolled and the no parking law is enforced by the traffic police the new arrangements work well.

However by 3rd January  policing had become sporadic and illegal parking common. What are the police doing ?