As part of a recent government initiative to improve cycling facilities in Chiang Mai a 17 million baht bike path from Huai Keow to the International Convention and Exhibition Center to the north along Irrigation Canal Rd is proposed.

Here we suggest something less ambitious but better serving cycling having earlier alluded to pitfalls in expensive project spending   , ( where Sunday Bike Club member Dr Nirandorn also suggests different priorities.)

The first point to mention is that the seldom used convention center is not an important travel destination, whereas Huai Teng Tao, 700 Year Stadium and to a lesser extent Chiang Mai University are.

The second point is this analysis is based on the need for low stress routes to make cycling cool, safe and attractive for an average, as opposed to say a hardy Tour de France cyclist.  Divided highways with little shade, and fast cars and trucks thundering by are no place for school students to brave on a bicycle, so we present alternatives.

Below are snaps from Google Earth. please click on each picture to see our analysis and again to magnify the image.

700 Year Stadium to Huai Teng Tao

Huai Keow to 700 Year Stadium

Huai Keow to 700 Year Stadium

The photos below are at a finer resolution with the minor roads overlaid in white:

The route from Chang Peuk Junction via soi 17 ends jst to the right of th red marker for moo 1. There a number of interesting possibilities for a bike path heading north from here , skirting the housing estates to Huai Teng Tao.

Huai Keow Chang Peuk Intersection to soi 17Chang Peuk Intersection to CMU Sports center

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