Early this September we reported on the splendid growth of trees in Railway Park, but included a warning of the danger from big dead trees.

One week ago today during a visit to Chiang Mai’s newly appointed governor Suriya Prasatbuntitya in the grounds of his official residence by the Narawat bridge a delegation from Gum Hak Doi Suthep showed the governor photos of the dead trees.

We explained that the Nakhorn Chiang Mai Municipality had failed to act to remove this public danger despite being warned of the issue.

Photos below taken this morning document the removal of the trees.

DSCN3711 - Railway Park Dead Trees Now FirewoodDSCN3712 -Railway Park Dead Bombax goneDSCN3713 - Railway Park Dead Trees CleanupDSCN3714 - Railway Park Dead Tree Cleanup






Also in response to reports that management of the park would revert from the municipality to the Railways Department from 30th September, we interviewed the Chiang Mai Station Master who said that the park would continue to be open to the public for recreation as before. A budget for maintenance had been approved and a company had been contracted to perform the work.

We told of the community tree planting efforts of recent years organized by Gum Hak Doi Suthep with the aim of bring a diverse range of indigenous trees to grace and shade the park and our desire to continue this program.  The Station Master requested  our contact details to forward to the contractor.