“The formation of the NRC is an historic event that will lead the country to sustainable development and a complete democracy in line with international principles and suitable for Thai society,” Gen Prayuth said this week.

If that’s what Prime Minister Prayuth believes, he should be high tailing it to the United Nations in New York to astound the whole World with his plans to de-carbonize the Thai economy starting with the shut down of PTT oil and gas exploration and development, and ordering EGAT to close SE Asia’s most polluting mega lignite burning Mae Moh power plant.

Mae Moh Power Station - Lampang.

Mae Moh Power Station – Lampang.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has convened a summit of World Leaders in New York on 23rd September 2014 and the Thai Prime Minister needs to be there.

Before his trip may we suggest that PM Prayuth heed the words of long time climate activist Naomi Kline in her video presentation to the Degrowth Conference now underway in Leipzig in east Germany.

He can also give the leaders of the “Free World”, which these days consist of Free Trade ideologues a lesson on how their so-called “liberal democracy” is no democracy at all as it imposes austerity on the bulk of the populations where it rules and war contrary to the voters’ wishes elsewhere.

He can apologize to the World for Thailand’s failure to date to move towards a sustainable economy. Apologize for the failure to promote solar electricity, apologize for the previous government’s first car buyer scheme and say sorry for forgetting to turn off the street lights during our recent curfew.

He can also promise that Thailand will not go down the hazardous path of nuclear power,  nor will it tolerate further damming of the rivers which bring life to this great agricultural country, including the mighty Mekong.

And finally before he leaves on this historic mission Prime Minister Prayuth needs to make it clear that public marches and demonstrations to show that the people of Thailand are behind him on this issue will be welcomed.

2009 Chiang Mai activists oppose coal power.

2009 Chiang Mai activists oppose coal power.