Like the many readers who miss the writing of James Farrell, recently departed editor. I am pleased to see he has lost none of his brilliance and speed typing ability, as his post today on his Facebook page reveals.

Yesterday James wrote the following brief comment in introducing a article from Bloomberg ( whence the pic below originates ).

“The man who brought dangerous food to Thailand in order to fuck up the next generation gets richer because of coup. Happy days for a man living in Thailand 17 years and can’t speak any Thai – and to think he was naturalized!

I actually met him years ago, at the elephant polo. He wasn’t very nice, but then neither is polo.”

Heinecke safely aove the sound of bids & frogs

Jamezes (no apostrophe s thanks ) comment brought about some less than flattering responses to which he responds eloquently as in his self described rant below:

“I don’t much feel like a pseudo-Communist despot for vilifying these junk food magnates. Their poisons infect large groups of the population, causing widespread ill-health, disease, depression, and a pervasive general malaise. Their happy products are steeped in ill-will and insidious intent. Look at all the richest people in Thailand, and then research their products, and the harm they cause: CP, Red Bull, Chang, Singh, and this foreign invader, the USA junk food importer. The last thing Thailand needs is to recreate the American eating model and push aside a very healthy eating model of its own creation; nor does Thailand need to embrace harmful GMOs, and sly aggressive marketing designed to hoodwink kids and their easily prostrated uncritical parents. But it will happen; it will happen because the herds don’t see what’s coming; they don’t give a shit, just as long as they look good, keep face, or at least stay in line with their peers. Thailand is here for the taking! The great plague of junk genericy has landed. Roll on illness, and so we can combat our weakness with drugs, American and British drugs, aided and abetted by Thai investors living in the Swiss Alps; occasionally coming home for a TV wai or to talk about Thainess, great traditions, and reform…when they are nothing more and nothing less than your everyday common capitalist atavist.

In fact, I only know one man in Chiang Mai with an ego big enough to create a religion replete with thousands of followers? Comparing my rant with Pol PotI, is this some kind of guilt impulse? I’m merely a critic of what i think is something very detrimental to society. I am not attempting to arrest people’s minds, or offer an alternative way of living. As to your daft knee-jerk comment, my lifestyle is fairly healthy. I eat well, cycle and run every day. This gives me the clarity to see how these evil fucks are penetrating society with their despicable products, designed to influence, and create disease. The big bucks are sucked into their infinite pockets, and just in case we suffer too much of an overdose, then Big Pharma is always there to pick up the pieces, at a price of course – they make you more sick. These products are the scourge of every school, as is our fascination with out-buying each other for temporary egotistical relief.

Ollie, you’re an apologist and your cynicism is utterly selfish. With an attitude like this who do you serve? I guess no one but yourself. Enjoy the bowling…I guess you believe in this non-participatory shit as you are making a good living yourself out of marketing a dubious brand. Don’t tar me with the same brush.

I may have eaten a KFC, I may have quaffed a bottle of wine, but that doesn’t mean to say i agree with these addictive foods being marketed to Thai kids. Thai kids had good food already! This will lead to an unhealthy, over-weight, depressed generation. You don’t think that’s worth criticizing?
It’s got fuck all to do with Marx, it’s common sense, humanitarian common sense. Aren’t you the big positivist? Well work it out, these products are very dangerous. And that man pushing them, well, he deserves my rancour. The excuse, ‘well, someone would do it if he didn’t’ is just so damned weak and evasive. What are we to do? Lie down and be quiet as we are raped and plundered? Apathy is a far worse condition than ignorance.

He does not deserve to be punished under the drunken violence of that heinous law, but he does deserve to be trampled to death by a million fat kids with diabetes. The fact he’s getting rich(er) off the back of coup, and so defends it, is quite devilish in itself. But making money has never been a very nice thing, has it? Democracy in America is as tainted as a rolled up 10 dollar bill.

Once we discover how many people are filling their pockets through this great reformation it will become clear what the raison d’etre is and has always been of politicians and those suspended on the highest branches of the cultural hierarchy. But then hey, we always knew this eh, this is the free market, it’s just how the world works. Don’t forget Mao and Pol Pot, and fuck reading what Marx actually wrote, sit back and enjoy your mixed drink as the world’s worst monsters creep around in the background coming up with new ways how to fuck you over and get rich off your disease.