“Four Lane Bikeway” how else should we describe these newly painted markings on the road near Chiang Mai’s Three Kings Square?

Four Lane Bikeway

It would appear we have very fast bike lanes in the center and slow lanes at the side so watch out pedestrians trying to cross!  However no signs tell the motorists where to go so what is the true purpose of what we see? Is it the same as the glossy document (n.b. it is one not two) pictured below?

Chiang Mai Sustainable TransportChiang Mai ...

And are these markings and recent roadside banners anything more than a show to deflect criticism that the so-called Sustainable Transport Project   analysed by by James Farrell at ChiangMaiCityNews.com ?On the other hand if you want the government PR line pure and simple try Chiang Mai Mail in their April 6th edition.

Returning to the glossy report. This was handed out to attendees at a recent forum but since the report has not been loaded on the internet we present a few pages here. The report as you may have guessed from the picture pair above has text in “English” and Thai, complete with many colorful diagrams and photos all presented twice.

Traffic Predictions CMU


Chiang Mai's Vision  DISCLAIMER

“The information contained in this report has not been independently verified …. subject to change without notice .. nor be relied on in connection with any …  commtment … whatsoever.”

This above be an abridged version of the small print disclaimer in their report. So an apt description might well be “it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing“, to quote from Shakespeare’s Macbeth.