A somewhat manic phenomenon of recent years to afflict Chiang Mai is the burgeoning of apartment house or condominia building.  Rather than an orderly and planned development of high density housing in the West of the city centred on Nimmanhaemin Road, there  proceeds a competition to pour as much concrete and steel as possible into the area, restrained only by height limits  for the airport flight path above.

Nimman Concrete 1Nimman Concrete 3Nimman Concrete 4

Watching over all this in Sukkasem Road, just off the direct flight path, is the eleven storied 103 Condominium Project 3, built in the boom days before the 1997 crash.

Dishing in @ 103 Condo

The extra 3 floors above the surrounding norm gives commanding views from its rooftop terrace over the city. Yet judging from the mess of satellite dishes in the roof the residents would rather take in views, not of Doi Suthep to the west, nor Doi Luang Chang Dao visible during the rainy season 60 km to the north, nor the eastern range marking the Lamphun border, but pictures assembled courtesy of television.

Looking down to the roofs below, to the West Unique has only four dishes one of which appears lost, and to the South East on Bahn Thai none are to be seen.

Dishes for 4Dishless

So why the discrepancy? Don’t the neighbors love CNN, HBO, RT, BBC, etc? After all with next to no views of the countryside they may feel compelled to watch TV. Or do they manage to share the signals in some clever way as part of a plot to do the dish makers and local tradesfolk out of a living? Please advise.


And one more picture to illustrate the other large condo, once visible from all floors of 103 but now largely obscured; Punna as viewed from a peaceful patch of private open space. No public parks are in walking distance nor are on the city’s plans for this slum housing concentration of the future.

Behind Soi 6 Nimman

And just in case you wondered. Construction proceeds apace on another 8 storey apartment monolith to the North of 103. Who needs a breeze with aircon ?  Or to put it another way “Who needs aircon when there is shade and a breeze?”