Please see the following message from the Chiang Mai Friends Group

The International, We Love Our King’s Day & The International Harmony Day

The Assembly of People of All Nations Who Love the King in Thailand, which is a gathering of 117 organizations, is going to hold the Blessing the King Ceremony on the occasion of his 86 Birthday, (5th December 2013) . The event is called “The International, We Love Our King’s Day” or In Thai “ไทยและนานาชาติร่วมใจเทิดไท้องค์ราชัน”. The purpose of this event is for foreigners together with Thai citizens to show our mutual respect for His Majesty and give His Majesty our best wishes. We want to promote the harmony and better understanding amongst people of all backgrounds. We also want to appreciate His Majesty’s kindness to the nation.

We want to invite our international guests, hill tribes and ordinary Thais to share together in friendship and joy to promote harmony in Chiang Mai and Thailand. Please participate in music, singing, dance, parade, national costumes and greetings from all countries.

The schedule of the event is 3rd December 2013, 15.30-24.00 at Thapae Gate

There are 2 main activities:

1) 3rd December 2013 : 16.19 -17.29

The parade of “International Cultural Costume and tribes” from JJ Market (04.290 p.m.) to Thapae Gate

2) 3rd December 2013 : 18.09 -18.29

The honoring the King by giving ceremonial objects “Phan Phum” silver and “Phan Phum” gold by consuls or representatives of each countries/organizations.

You may wear your traditional costume from your country, or an 86th birthday commemorative shirt, or you may want to just wear pink, a color used to show love and respect for the King and Thailand.

After the ceremony, enjoy the entertainment from bands, singers & performers from all over the world till midnight.

Thanks and sincere regards Chiang Mai Friends Group