Stuck in evening traffic while taking a friend to a medical clinic – 25 minutes for 3 km – motorists enjoy the prospect of even greater delays when Suan Dok Hospital opens its near completed multi storey car park at the Suthep-Sirimangkalajan intersection.
The spacious new landscaping between the building and narrow also accentuates the view of the electric supply overhead wires.

DSCN0280  DSCN0279DSCN0281

These photos remind passersby that it is not only private developers who avoid planting trees, occupy every square inch of their territory and provide no space for bicycles to safely pass the motor traffic their projects generate.


As a contrast here is a view outside the Provincial Electricity Authority offices in the leafy government moo-ban beside the 700 year stadium. But one may question how they get electricity where not one overhead wire is to be  seen ?