News about the 3rd November 2013, election contest for the Mayor of Nakhorn Chiang Mai has been coming in dribbles, rather than a flood.

For example reported on the first candidate to declare herself Ms Thidarat – Number 1, then on the number assignment for candidates 1 to 4, then later on two male contenders.

So it appeared to be a one woman election race. In my village of  Pa Ha, unlike the main roads festooned with posters from a variety of men as well as Thidarat, it appeared to be a one candidate contest with No 1, sure to be the victor, as only her banners appear, and here they are showing her local support by being on house fronts rather than on electricity poles.

One Woman Race

One Woman Race

However at the last minute a second woman enters the fray in the person of  Mor Kaem to become No 7. has been able to find little about the candates and their record of public service or disservice.  Some of the banners give some clues and kindness is apparent in those of Thidarat, who I am told as a lawyer has worked for poor people. The recently resigned mayor is of course an exception and both the websites quoted above have many stories , both of self serving PR from his office and of comment and criticism. Candidate No 5, the gold shop owner, reveals some of his interests on a website and Mor Kaem has a 30 minute video to see from her Facebook page.

At the last municipal election in 2009 a forum for candidates was held. Will a public debate be held this year? Will questions be asked in public about vote buying and dubious public works during the past mayoral term?