Chiang Mai residents can hardly help to notice the so often newly painted Red & White painted kerbs to indicate no parking.

What may have gone unobserved are the on road markings for the safety of road users. These have largely disappeared under a film of grime and included among them are markings beginning in Loi Kroh Rd all the way to the western end of the old city showing a bike only counter lane in that one way street.

So perhaps it is little wonder that a non bike riding friend who was invited to a discussion on bike lanes came away believing they had been abolished?

Bike 1

Well these photos of signs and a few patches along the road after a brief rub with steel wool contradict the assertion.

Bike 6

However unless bicyclists get out and assert the rights we have established to ride both ways on one-way streets, (e.g. maintaining painted lanes while the municipal authorties fail their duty ) these rights will be lost and cycling will be more dangerous and unattractive.

Bike 7