Around 50 km to the East of Chiang Mai city, high up in the evergreen montane forest is the  Mae Lai Forest , which Shane Beary accurately describes as “a fantastic  habitat.  See:

Shane writes:

“We have 5 marked trails up at Pang Soong Lodge, that run in loops through the Mae Lai forest.

They were funded (hard surface-steel and bamboo bridges on one trail) by donors, are owned by the villagers, and operated by Track of the Tiger who pays a fixed fee to the village fund for each person who uses the trails.

An online GIS database has been established, and some sketchy records collected by our local community forest guides who have patrolled the trails on a regular basis over the past two years, using a system set up by Prof. Ramesh Boonratana. Two camera traps are in place and producing good results, more noticeable as hunting has been significantly reduced and wildlife are moving in from the neighbouring valleys (Mae Kampong area) to escape the hunters and heavy tourist presence.

If possible, I would rather have our BM program  supported by volunteers with experience and/or strong interest in biodiversity management/monitoring, so am inviting all interested individuals to contact me with a view to joining our local forest guides as data gatherers on their 1 day patrols, once or twice per month.

I will cover transport and lunch, as well as provide an English speaking guide, and the village will waive the entrance fees.
Interested parties, with some skills to offer, please contact me on explaining your area of interest and or expertise.

Regards and thanks,

Shane K Beary