My first attendance this morning at the Chiang Mai Provincial Center for the weekly press conference, which according to news reports the Governor promised to be in attendance, proved to be something of a let down.

Talons Drawn at Sala Klang
Was it that he feared being torn apart by the vultures of the press for the failure of the much heralded plan to prevent forest fire and toxic smog, for neither he nor his deputy appeared.  In fact no government officer dared take his seat which remained vacant during a session presided over by a secretary.

Had they perhaps been summoned to be punished  the Tuesday meeting of the Cabinet where perhaps they tried to put blame on one another as in the scene above? Had they been present, one imagines these figures, brought along to advertize the forthcoming Buddhist Arts Exhibition opening at Chiang Mai University Art Museum on April 5th, would not have come to life to assault the presiding officials.

For not only had they failed to halt forest destruction by fire, but also despite a community plea for intervention six weeks prior, had they failed to stem official destruction of heritage trees of Chiang Mai.