During 2011, Khun Nopwanchai of the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry took folk on tours in an around the Old City.

He pointed out that the 5 remaining Teak trees along the road outside the northern leg of the moat, had been planted by command of the last King of Chiang Mai.

Although they mostly were infected with parasitic mistletoe and 2 had figs growing on them, they were still large trees and clearly recognizable as Teak.

Now half its former height, this Teak will soon succumb to the shade of a Fig.

That is no longer the case as they have been heavily cut.

MOat Tree Beheading 01

As well a large Rain Tree nearby is presently being vandalised by official order.

Who is the criminal giving these orders to destroy the Heritage of Chiang Mai ? Is it the same person who has seen only asphalt surrounding the municipal office and planted not one tree there?

Is is perhaps somebody from the Roads Department which plants trees only to ensure they provide no shade?

Or perhaps Electricity Supply, the folk who destroyed the beautiful big, native, ancient trees along the road to Pai.

Who ever it may be rest assured he worships the nation’s tree loving sovereign and prominently displays his portrait to show loyalty.