Chiang Mai residents concerned about the quality of urban life are likely to read the monthly City Life magazine. Recently its Managing Editor Pim Kemasingki wrote describing the tribulations of trying to walk along Nimmanhaemin Rd.

One not so jaundiced as to think the Police here are totally self serving might expect them to take notice of Pim’s complaints.  After all as well as writing in English she gave a verbal report recently to Chief of Traffic Police in the presence of the Mayor at a meeting of Nimmhaemin residents.

Traffic Police advertisement placed illegally  at entrance to Nimmanheamin Soi.

Traffic Police advertisement placed illegally at entrance to Nimmanheamin Soi.

Pedestrians being forced to use the road.

Pedestrians being forced to walk along the main road due to obstacles.

Well how about this?

Yes the sign is from the Traffic Police, and Yes it is situated illegally on a street corner where it obscures the view of pedestrians.

So sorry the Police are not helping the pedestrian.  Look again at the second picture and you will see a silver car.  This car parks every day and night across the footpath forcing walkers to negotiate a stretch of road full of potholes.

This is also contrary to the law and although cars parked in a proper manner beside the kerb are frequently locked up by the police if they happen to have over stayed their time cars across the footpath are let alone.

One wonders if the police have even given the owners a friendly warning and then relented, going away with a personal reward, as their mates do with the areas’ night clubs?

One Way – NO Way

By now the monoliterate reader must be wondering what the sign says:

In English it says that as from 20th January 2012 a trial will be conducted whereby alternate odd numbered sois from sois 3 to 17 on the east ( odd numbered ) side of Nimmanhaemin Rd will be for one way traffic.

This very proposal the police put to the November meeting of the Nimmahaemin residents and vociferously rejected in the first response and subsequently reinforced in other remarks. No support was given to the police proposal.

So now what will the residents do? I frequently tear down illegally placed advertizing placards, just to free space to walk.

Will the Nimmaners do likewise, or accept being treated with contempt by the notoriously corrupt Thai police?