Readers of Chiang Mai City Life October 2012 issue may have read, or yawned past, an article there on the new “Town Planning Scheme” soon to be imposed on Chiang Mai by the authorities in Bangkok.

To make sense of the photos and discussion below, it is suggested that the article be opened up in a new window to see the zoning map there.

These photos were taken from the 12th floor of the 103 Condominium in Sukassem Rd around 200 metres to the South of Huai Kaew Rd. (Click on any to view in full size) 

Huai Kaew runs in a straight line from the North West corner of Chiang Mai city moat to the zoo at the foot of Doi Suthep. As such it is the city’s premier route for tourists and residents alike as they make their obligatory pilgrimage to Wat Pratat Doi Suthep. The road is also one of our most scenic, as although it lacks the magnificent giant Yang trees planted along the ChiangMai-Lamphun Rd, for most of its length it is a wedge of green in the urban landscape because of large areas of ‘forested’ private land abutting the road.

The trees in these pictures are in the high density, Red, Residential and commercial ‘development’ zone and can be destroyed without permission.

Note:  The latest plan, given the recent surge in speculative construction, promises to be an unmitigated disaster on many fronts.  Please contribute to this growing discussion.

To be continued…