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33 Nimmanhaemin Soi 13 Tambon Suthep, Muang District, Chiang Mai. 50200

9 October 2012.



Chiang Mai
1 Wangsingkam Rd.
Tambon Changmoi
Muang District
Chiang Mai

Department of Highways (Section 2 Chiang Mai)
Super Highway
Tambon Tasala
Muang District
Chiang Mai

Following the letter of the ‘Chom Rom Chao Nimmanhaemin’ (Nimmanhaemin Association) to the Department of Highway – Section 2 Chiang Mai, dated 9 January 2012, we were informed that the Department of Highway is in the process of widening the road surface at the Rincome and the Chiang Mai Health Department junctions.  The project has also required lands and demolished buildings along the Suthep Road, in order to add the Nimmanhaemin Road to the inner ring road (the Super Highway-Mahidol Road) loop through the Air Force Base Wing 41.  The following list shows our names, who do not agree with the Nimmanhaemin Road widening project, as it is against ‘good practice’ for urban road design with many reasons; for example:

  1. The Nimmanhaemin district is a ‘mixed use’ area with many good houses, shops as well as restaurants. It is also adjacent to two of the top most universities in Chiang Mai with a conference hall and an art museum.  The area is also close to the significant temple associated with Chiang Mai history.  In sum, the Nimmanhaemin district is unique with its special characteristics and is embedded in the Chiang Mai University zone.
  2. With shops and services along its sides and the extraordinary characteristics of the area, the Nimmanhaemin Road acts as a ‘high street’ of Chiang Mai.  With its role as a ‘high street’, the road should be designed with a ‘traffic calm’ not a ‘traffic flow’ concept, not only to promote economic and social life of the people but also to increase safety for all.

The people of Nimmanhaemin strongly suggest that:

  1. Stop the Nimmanhaemin Road widening project and avoid putting it into a part of the ring road as it will affect viability and reduce the quality of life of the people.  In a holistic and long term perspective, it will also reduce the ‘charm’ of Chiang Mai, that almost nobody will gain but many will certainly lost.
  2. We also give support to giving the Nimmanhaemin Road authorisation back to the Chiang Mai Municipality as it is the solemn organisation that takes care of many aspects affecting the quality of life, the ‘total livelihood’, of its people.

We are looking forward to receive your feedback in the form of a written letter.

Sincerely yours,

Chom Rom Chao Nimmanhaemin.

Against Widening Nimmanhaemin Road and

Support for the Authorisation Return to the Chiang Mai Municipality.