A new documentary film by Tom Fawthrop na Chiang Mai

One message from the film is that Cuba is doing a tremendous job in public health and education so we might ask how does Thailand fare?  Well I haven’t noticed hundreds of 3rd World students wandering about at Chiang Mai University but I wonder what kind of eduction they might get here?

This month the Bangkok Post published an article about Competitiveness Ratings of 147 countries. Naturally Cuba is excluded as it excels at Cooperativeness, however “Thailand’s ranking fell 10 places in terms of institutions to 77th, while public health at 71st and basic education standards at 89th were also considered weaknesses for the country’s competitiveness.” according to the Post.

Since we have a universal health scheme here and a comprehensive system of public clinics and hospitals, our rating at No. 71 for public health came as a great shock.

So I say WAKE UP CMU and stop squandering funds on buildings and learn how to teach.

Also this week during an interview with the out going Governor of Chiang Mai he suggested that as Chiang Mai had many educational institutions serving Thailand the city could be developed as an education centre for the whole ASEAN region. I was so stunned by his apparent ignorance of the poor state of education here that I hadn’t the heart to say anything.

Note: Tom is in England and due to return Chiang Mai late November. A copy of the film may be made available for loan for community group viewings, should Tom agree. The film is for sale at 300 baht so please order from Tom directly at tomfawthrop@gmail.com .


And somewhat off topic.  Here’s a nice way to keep the World Healthy from the office. Follow the example of the new Energy Ministry hidden in the grounds of the Chiang Mai provincial Administrative Centre ( Sala Klang ) at Mae Rim.

Note how the building is located to the East of these big trees which protect it from the heat of the Western Sun and eaves shade the windows as well so airconditioning is not needed for a comfortable office environment.