Khun Keow has sent a message:

I’m planning to do “ChiangMai Car Free Day 2012”  on Sunday 23rd September 2012  main concept “รักษ์เชียงใหม่ใช้จักรยาน..” or Love Chiang Mai ride a Bicycle.

This message is in stark contrast to one presented by the government at its show at Chiang Mai Airport Plaza on 25-26 August where I attended having read about it in City Life online and billed as “Pheu Thai Government to Meet People of Chiang Mai”

Judging from the displays and banners the message was “รักทุน..”, as they tried to convince the audience (were there really only 2 watching the show as the picture below suggests?) they were giving “FUNDS for a quality life”.

A double click on the pic on the left will show, written on the lime green car an apt response to the government’s slogan. And as for the audience for the show, the two in orange shirts are paid photographers while a little girl is the audience receiving eager attention from the shows presenters.

I was rather puzzled by the whole event with no sign of “Peur Thai Government”and so I asked an attendant of a nearby stall what the show was about –  “First Car” came the answer.

So there we are. The government wants to persuade us to borrow money (apart from booths of motorcar sales folk the others were all from banks) to buy a new car.

So in Keow’s terms Peur Thai does not love Chiang Mai so how do we support him and turn Chiang Mai into a bicycle friendly city?

Well, to end on a positive note, we could ride on 23rd September to the City Museum at the 3 Kings Monument and enjoy the museum for free.

Maybe we could help them design a new exhibit of Chiang Mai in the future as a Bicycle City, and persuade the mayor, who has yet to be seen on a bicycle, and refused two years ago to sign up to riding one to reduce his carbon foot print, to join in?