Do you know the Kanchana Pisek Park?   ….. For Report on the work see Hans Lipp

This is a linear reserve wider than where we work at Chang Klang and also beside a drain.

The park runs north-south directly south of the South West corner of the city moat
parallel to the road from the Central Airport flyover.

It was developed s a park around 15 or so years ago with two ornamental bridges and a sala at the northern end. From the moat road as one turns left where the elephant statues are a look to the left gives a glimpse of two white pillars and the sala.

The park layout is simple with winding paths and many tall trees planted making it far cooler than the Suan Bok Had park nearby.
The Chiang Mai City Council which is responsible for the land does almost no maintenance having cut the undergrowth only once in the past year to my knowledge. Yes that is an improvement on the Mae Kha Canal.

Most of the trees are exotic and there are some dead trees and also a number fallen from a recent storm. One of these, an Afxelia xylocarpa (Maka) should make a lovely climbing tree if it is conserved.

Twenty or so indigenous trees have been planted in the park in the past year and are growing well. They include Toona ciliata (Yomhom) which the National Park staff like to label as Indian Mahogony which thrives in the shade and witin a decade should over top the exotic trees many of which are subject to decline with age.

EriK Bergström ,who is one of our Gum Hak Doi Suthep members, has a grass cutter and has suggested he cut the undergrowth in the park. The rest of us can help by sweeping up some of the rubbish and planting more indigenous trees so that the park can become a learning resource for the nearby school.

We start work just after 8:00 a.m. on Monday 27th August 2012 for around two hours, so if you would like to join in please come and please let me know if possible on 08-4985-9668.