What!!??  Do they want the USA & Russia to fire off all their nuclear warheads? Surely not? But that is where the term MAD comes from, the Cold War days where one mistake could easily have seen this happen and with it the end of civilization.

Well of course not. The negotiators at Rio have agreed on a different form of MADness; one which will likely see daily temperature maxima of 180 Celsius within 300 years as explained in this short video below from TEDx and Alan Roberts.  (Yes 180 and we, like water, boil at 100 Celcius).

Be alarmed , be angry and be active because the UN is to vote for ECONOMIC GROWTH ( for all countries- so yes the USA too).

Why should we be so Alarmed, Angry & Active ? well to quote GREENPEACE

Global Footprint Network: Advancing the Science of Sustainability

“Today, humanity uses the equivalent of 1.5 planets to provide the resources we use and to absorb our emissions. But of course, we only have one planet, and this continued ecological overshoot can only go on for so long.

Why should any of us care? Because the majority of countries and states operate their economies without tracking the ecological resources they use against what they actually have.

It is like flying a plane without a fuel gauge, and it affects everything from what you pay at the grocery store to the type of world you and your children will live in.”

So our economies all have to contract not grow (as Minqi Li explained in this post from 2009) – so no more concrete & steel (apart from encasing the nuclear time bomb of Fukishima) ,no more oil & coal exploration,no more cars, no more planes, no more ships… That’s how we begin to stop the rise in carbon emissions.

So, Please – How do we make it happen?