Yes so many foreign residents like to complain about them. They dawdle. They stop where they like. They invariably cut in and cut off.

But the foreigners are wrong. The erratic behavoir- well erratic if you have just come of a German autobahn – of the Red Cars “Rot Daeng” are it seems a factor in keeping the roads safe for the little people.  Not  those who have not just driven in from the safety of a gated suburban “community” – what do they do together to warrant such a title?

No the little people, not in big fuel guzzling 4wd trucks, but on two wheels pass with ease the dawdling Rot Daeng , we benefit from the way the Rot Deang slow down the big people.

But if Chiang Mai is anything like Australia, enemy No 1 of the motor bike is the “Rot Svensk”. In Oz these heavy tanks, a precursor to the Hummer, tend to be driven by people sure in the knowledge that the weight of thier car will ensure their safety in any road contest. So motor-bikes can be ignored, cut off, squeezed of the road with impunity. No wonder Volvo drivers are universal object of hate.

So hence the picture. The one and only vehicle hogging the kerbside where the bikies like to pass by the gas guzzlers is – sure enough a Volvo.