Recently we received the following message, but found when we tried to respond the email address could not be reached. So we have not been able to ask Eve to come and join in collecting the delicious fruit of the wild Eugenia cummini, which is also on sale at the Don Payom Market in Suthep Road.

At the market ask for “Luk Khieng” or “Luk Wah”

So if any reader knows Eve please ask her to email again at and call 0849859668, Thanks Ricky.

From: Eve Armstrong
Subject: Environmental projects

Message Body:

I would like to get involved in so environmental projects in and around Chiang Mai such as tree planting, seed collection and anything that helps the forests of Thailand. Do you know of or have any events at the moment?

Thank you!

Seed collecting time for the fruity Eugenia ( or Syzygium ) species, which are of the same family Myrtaceae as the Eucaptus began in May. While Het Top, the Thai Truffles were being collected in the unburnt forest near the Huai Keow Waterfall, Eugenia formosa seed was collected from trees which grow right beside the stream on the 18th and for 3 weeks thereafter.

Seed has been given to the Huai Keow and Mae Orn government nurseries to plant.  So next year they should have trees to plant beside your favourite stream.