In April we wrote about collection of seed of the Dipterocarpaceae family and a trip was made to look for Anisoptera costata seed at Nong Kai and Tak. In May 2009 Anisoptera seed was plentiful at Pu Tok near Beung Kan but this year only Dipterocarpus turbinatus (Yang Daeng) could be collected and delivered to the local forest nursery.

Anisoptera costata can grow to be a giagantic tree but appears now to be virtually extinct in Chiang Mai where it once grew and but it appears we must wait another year to grow trees for planting here.

Yang Daeng seed was found also along the road to Li south of Lamphun from Tak so the trip to the beautiful forest in the Taksin Maharat National Park, apart from the inspiring beauty of the forest there, did produce some practical benefit.

On 15th May a second collection expedition, with staff from the Huai Keow Arboretum (next to Chiang Mai Zoo) collected Yang Daeng seed, along with the rare Chisocheton siamensis seed Mok Fah Waterfall for their tree nursery.

A third trip to collect seed for the Forest Department will visit the forest at Chiang Dao – leaving Chiang Mai, Saturday 19th May, at 10 a.m. To join please call 0849859668. The Google Map image below show the forest just west of the Chiang Dao by-pass road on the road to the cave.