At Songkran time in a region where swimming is uncommon and many are afraid of water, with no raging torrents to fear, playing with water in the river used to be safe fun, and certainly more so than riding a motor bike an suffering a blast of ice cold water.

Well,  as if to be sure of the people’s safety officialdom has decreed the closure of public swimming pools during the hottest holiday break we have.  The guard at the 700 year pool explained that the pool was closed to let the workers have a holiday break, and tongue in cheek, to let the children pop pills ( Ya Ba ) instead of swimming.

Note that the 700 year pool where the casual entry price for adults is now 60 baht closes one day longer than the smaller municipal pool which charges 30 baht entry.

For those of us desperate to cool down with a swim rather than on the street or say amidst the chaos of the lake at Huai Teng Tao, there are alternatives. Unlike big brother at the 700 year pool, the municipal pool has yet to install spy cameras. Also in the back blocks of CMU Agriculture Precinct, on land within the boundaries of the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park there is a beautiful dam with deep water.

Moreover nobody is there to collect a fee.