Well it would hardly be news if we were to write about greed in Chiang Mai considering some of the lifestyles we observe here but how else do we describe this picture from the Post Office 50000 taken today?

Maybe you have seen them before,  paid canvassers from Bangkok coming to Chiang Mai to beg money for the international environmental organisation GREENPEACE . I saw some outside a nearby convenience store in the evening cool some months ago and when I asked them about environment issues affecting Chiang Mai they had no answers. This time in the air-conditioned comfort of the Mai Chiang Mai 50000 post office, away from the smoke blanketing the city, the story was no different. When asked what activities for the environment they were involved in here the answer was – “None we work in Bangkok”.

They seemed oblivious to the fact that the north is burning.  Indeed some eight years ago I visited the Greenpeace director in Bangkok to raise this issue and was told that Greenpeace did not have a South east Asia forest campaign operating at the time but may in the near future. The near future still appears to be in the future.  Pity they use their resources only to milk money from our community instead of working with local groups such as Breathe Campaign for mutual benefit.