We reported on December 3rd the commencement of the 2011-12 annual smoking season in Chiang Mai, featuring photos taken at Huey Teng Tao 10 km north of Chiang Mai City. The same photos were shown that day to the commanding officer of Thailand’s northern region of the army.

Sad to say 3 months to the day later  Huey Teng Tao was again ablaze, along with huge areas of forest during February and March, but neither soldiers nor army employees attending to douse the flames on army land here.  However in this photo a pick-up truck of possible arsonists hurries away from the scene.

Enough is enough, according to a new campaign from Amphoe Pai which has started a new informative website and interactive Facebook page Breathe Campaign .   Please sign up and join the struggle for clean air and forest conservation – but meanwhile, please go easy on exercise and deep breathing until the air clears.  For the latest pollution statistics click here.