Getting Real about Food in the World : Food Security and Small Farmers

342nd Meeting : Tuesday, January 17th 2012 : A talk and presentation by Professor Lindsay Falvey

At an AIST (Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology) seminar last November, Andre Drenth (University of Queensland) gave a talk entitled ‘The Impact of Globalisation and Plant Diseases on Food Security’. This was a fascinating history of agriculture, input technologies, trade, biosecurity, pathogens, and the importance of crop protection.

The lessons from the talk are summarised in a slide which stated:

  • By far the most efficient way to improve production to be able to feed the world we need to reduce crop losses, currently estimated at 42%
  • Agricultural production needs to increase 2.3% a year to just meet global food demand (at present we increase it by 1.5% a year)

We are facing the greatest global challenge ever as a discipline

I asked Andre if I can send the talk to Pestnet members. Rather than the PDF file which is rather large, and there are some copyright issues, he has suggested people who are interested in this subject can go to:

Watch the video presentation now on APSNET

Andre made a similar presentation on food security and plant pathology at an APS meeting in the US, and it has been made into a webcast.

It is well worth watching!