An African Xmas Tree in Chiang Mai

While Europeans may miss their traditional green and red holly over Christmas in Chiang Mai people from the Horn of Africa can find one of their most precious exports growing in abundance  in the wooded hills south of the road to Pai at Sop Poeng in Mae Daeng District just a few kilometres East of  the Mok Fah Waterfall.

Here in a large area of forest managed by the Watershed Unit of the Forest Department native trees including notably larger Terminalia bellirica have been retained and others , especially Dipterocarpus turbinatus have been planted. The understorey has been greatly modified but appears to be free of weeds and everywhere Coffee shrubs are planted.

If you visit be sure to go and see the trees mentioned above and also many Hopea odorata seedlings growing there for community planting in well watered stream side environments. Perhaps your village has such a place and you might ask for some to take away.  You might even consider asking for trees for the Tree Help for Flooded Siam II project?