Chiang Mai residents may recall the hype in 2010 about the so-called “Chiang Mai Iam”, pronounced Ye-em meaning best which some would prefer to call “Chiang Mai Yeah” – Yeah meaning really bad. Associated with Chiang Mai Yeah was “Keow Suay Hom” supposedly about greening and perfuming the city.

One year on and we see the results – accelerated destruction of trees and totally asphalt surrounds of the two new municipal buildings – City Hall & the Bus Station.

Folks may also have noticed in 2010 the ever present crew of TV Burapa who conducted countless interviews. Where they ended up is anyone’s guess but just last November 2011 the crew reappeared and requested an interview with tree seed collector and member of Gum Hak Doi Suthep Ricky Ward, and a photo from that encounter appears below.

The afternoon discussion was all about local trees and seeds and an edited version will appear on TV Channel 7 this Monday 26th in the evening at 23:45 hrs, as part of the “Krabi Meur 1” program.

  • 26 ธันวาคม 2554
  • 23:45
  • รายการ กระบี่มือหนึ่ง