Isn’t it time for a campaign for ecologically sensible drinking in Chiang Mai?

How absurd not to be able to buy Orange Juice when Chiang Mai’s Fang district is a major orange producer? The markets have plenty of Oranges, Pineapples and Bananas (Oh my mouth waters for a Banana Smoothie) for sale.

Even more absurd is the way folk here buy bottled water to drink when we have potable water reticulated to our homes.

How much energy and money is wasted trucking bottled water and fruit juice from Bangkok. Is it time to declare Lanna Independence and put a stiff tariff on such Earth destroying products?

Thanks to the great flood in Bangkok many supermarket shelves are looking like these below pictured at Tops Supermarket in Huey Keow Road.

The photo above shows the empty packaged fruit juice shelves:

The photo above shows the empty bottled water shelves.

The photo above show the message from the supermarket

And while on the subject of water, it seems many foreigners do not understand how to use it after toilet. A friend who runs a restaurant here told me about a customer having a panic attack on hearing that Tops had run out of “toilet” tissue (which Thai’s refer to as “tissue”). The customer promptly left the restaurant and headed of to Makro to stock up on this essential product.

Perhaps the Immigration Office could offer lessons on how to use that little hose attached to toilets in town?