Urgent petition


Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of Japan

Katsumata Tsunehisa, Board chairperson, Tokyo Electric Power Company,


Accept the request made by the Mayor of Koriyama city and decide to decommission the Fukushima nuclear power plants!




Immediately decide to decommission all of the 10 reactors of the first and second Fukushima nuclear power plants.


Background of the appeal:


Masao Hara, the Mayor of Koriyama city, at the press conference in the afternoon on March 19, 2011, said, it was the outrageous mistake that the Japanese government turned down the support offered by the United States which suggested decommissioning the nuclear plants. He announced that he made a request to the Tokyo Electric Power Company and Mr. Kaieda, the Minister of economy, trade and industry to immediately take measures to control the nuclear accidents towards decommissioning the plants.


We urge the State and the Tokyo Electric Power Company to accept the request made by the Mayor of Koriyama city and decide to decommission the Fukushima nuclear power plants.


We are worried about the workers who have been courageously engaging in the operations day and night to suppress the reactors and avert the worst-case scenario at their peril of being exposed to the radiation at the Fukushima nuclear power plants which were affected by the recent and continuing earth quakes.


It has become clear to everyone that as long as the nuclear plants run, people are affected by the radiation. So many nuclear plant workers have been exposed to the radiation and some died from the radiation exposure even when the plants were running “safe”. The people are little known who died after a long suffering, when the causal link between the death and the radiation exposure became difficult to establish.


We must now stop our practice: enjoying the “safe” electricity from the nuclear power plants at the expense of the people exposed to the radiation.


Voluntary group calling for decommissioning the Fukushima nuclear plants (Japan)



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1st deadline: end of March 2011; 2nd deadline: end of April 2011