Marty Bergoffen
will give a presentation entitled

The Mekong River:

Protecting Biodiversity and Livelihoods

Marty is a lawyer specialized in environmental issues. He has been advocating for a free-flowing Mekong River for over 5 years. Current plans by Thailand, Lao and Cambodia call for up to 12 dams on the lower Mekong. These dams will clog the river, preventing migrations by native fish, reduce downstream sediment and water flows that local farmers depend upon, and eliminate an essential food source and travel corridor for millions of people. Marty will talk about the Mekong River, proposals for dams, and impacts if they are built. He will also present ways to confront the dam developers, funders and enabling government agencies.

When: Sunday, April 10th, 2011, at 15.00.

Where: Dokmai Garden.

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