Blue sky over a Rainbow Forest

… skies are blue – so goes the song from the Wizard of Oz .

Wednesday 26th January 2011 saw a rainbow forest of “Autumn” leaves (dry Dipterocarp forest especially Shorea siamensis รัง ) and red flowering trees (Butea monosperma  ทองกวาว )ใ

This photo was taken along the road between Chiang Dao and Fang about 80 km from Chiang Mai city but to see it be quick as the leaves and flowers soon will drop and the sky will turn to a pale grey from smoke haze. On the return journey in the early evening three roadside fires, one in a government office compound and one large fire in the forest were seen. The Fire Brigade 199 number did not answer.

P.S. LOvers of Judy Garland can see At Film Space Saturday, February 5, 7 pm: The Wizard of Oz (1939)

CMU Fine Arts Faculty, Nimmanhaemin Rd.