Lovely to have good news to report.  And this must be good news for one contractor.

The car park at Chiang Mai Railway Station, hopefully to be renamed the Chiang Mai International Railway Station in honour of the foreign tourists who greatly outnumber local folk on the night sleeper trains, has been upgraded.

A new toll box has been constructed, complete with an electrically operated boom gate (see picture). Also steel shades for motor vehicles, with heavy concrete blocks to hold them down, have been erected.

The other good railway news is that the high speed railway link from Bangkok to Chiang Mai has been abandoned. This project to a small rural city from a great metropolis could never have been economically viable, unless of course half Bangkok decided to move here to avoid floods as the sea level rises.  Surely to better to move to Korat where conversation with the locals will be so much easier after the October floods there.

Chiang Mai Station Upgrade.

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