Car Free Day Program by Bicycle,  Chiang Mai Bicycle City, Sunday 19 September 2010

6.00-6.30    Bicyclists gathering at meeting points

Route 1  Rachapruk Natonal Park( Start  Hangdong – ban Pong, Nonthong DonPao, Sanpatong)

Route 2 Ruamchoke Market ( Huay tung Tao-tonkaew,mae faek, sansailuang, Don keaw)

Route 3 Tonpao Plaza,tonpao-Donpin,Buakkang, Nongkong, On Klang, Bo Sang, Rongwuadeang, Doi saket)

Route 4 (700 years Park, Nongpueng, Chaisathan, Sarapee, Tawangtan Pabong), Bupparam, Road Admin Office)

Route 5 CMU

6.30 leave  meeting point to follow your selection route

7.30 arriving at 3 kings Monument  register and morning break

8.00 organize group into Thai national Flag

8.30 President make a speech and press

9.00 will cycle to

Route A   Wiengkumkam ( 3 King, Pratuchiangmai, jangkatum, Sridonchai,Changklan , Pa Dad, Wiengkumkam)

Route  B  3 Tonpao (king , Yuparaj, Sompetch, Chareon muang, Rincome intersection,CM- Samkampeang- Tonpao Municipal Office)

Route C  Maejo ( 3 king-pratu chiangmai, jangsripoom, ratanakosin- faham- superhighway- maejo)

Route D  nine temple- around the moat.

Route E follow legend of Haripoonchai

Finish cycle back to Think Park 9.00-16.00 exhibition

15.00 prize and reward

16.00  finish

Telephone enquiries Khun Kritsada Keow 0818815621

Funded by Ministry of Energy