After a break of many months, once again the ICCN International Citizens of Chiang Mai – Meets Monday 16th August 2010

commencing at 5:00 p.m.

The venue will be 2nd  floor , 30 Year Building, Engineering Faculty, (Mechanical Eng.) Chiang Mai University

located in the first lane on the left after the campus clock tower when travelling west.

After many months of chaos in local government in Chiang Mai and in Bangkok, the present calm has allowed a return to more normal conditions at the local government level. The mayor Khun Tessanai is now holding regular public meetings on a monthly basis to improve communication with the community. The meetings are conducted in Thai with no translation for foreign residents at present.

To give those not fluent in Thai an oppurtunity to participate the next ICCM meeting will be primarily devoted to discussionm of the issues on the agenda for the mayor’s meeting.

The next mayoral meeting for 4:30 pm Thursday 19th August has on the agenda:

1. Klong Mae Kha – Past , Present & Future.  &

2. “Public Ways” a somewhat obscure title. Could this mean roads, railways, waterways, air port runways or as one suggested public parks or all these together?

With the most pressing issue facing the world not being explicit, perhaps we can use our meeting to ensure that our management and development of “Public Ways” helps solve this looming catastrophe.

Chiang Mai City - a maze of ways, more water than road?