From 4 pm- 7 pm Sunday 18th July 2010 please join us planting trees in Chiang Mai’s new Community Forest, beside the creek at the NW corner of the Railway Park opposite Chiang Mai Station.

Railway Park Entrance

The planting will have the theme “Plant a Tree for Democracy” and we invite all Friends of Burma to come and celebrate the 65th Birthday of  Democracy Activist Aung San Suu Chi. We also celebrate the fact that Thailand’s Constitution gives us all the right to participate in the management of our natural resources.


July 22 nd also is being celebrated as the UN International Day of Biodiversity and our planting of all indigenous trees is intended to restore some of Muang Chiang Mai’s lost forest diversity.

Planting Site

Please bring a hoe if you have one, a bottle of water  and glovesEnquiries please call Ricky 0849859668

Four months after the planting these intrepid tree lovers pose under one of the trees ( a Toona cilliata ) planted in July. Now 2 metres taller than when planted.

A big thank you to everyone who turned up and helped out!