Chiang Mai’s Northern Climate Change Network met  recently and the meeting notes circulated are presented below. At the end comes a question about a suggested change in the group’s name first mooted in 2009 a.d. Comments on this and other matters are welcome.

NCCN meeting: 5pm-7pm, Wed, June 7, 2010,

Creative Urban Solutions Center


K Duognchan (Urban Development Institute Foundation)

Kirk (English teacher at CMU)

Caroline (holistic school…

Steve (WISE Foundation/ Karen environment Foundation/ lecturer at CMU)

K Wan (law student in Tamasaart Uni)


Tomoko (APWLD)

K Ong (Urban Development Institute Foundation)

Jere (Texas & Thailand climate work)

K Aew (Urban Development Institute Foundation)

Matters agreed

§  A need to increase awareness on the urgency of climate crisis

§  Focus: drought / water issue

§  NCCN activities in 2010:

–          Support Caroline’s awareness raising campaign at organic farmers’ market every Friday: distribute flyers on various issues related to climate crisis to students, teachers, parents, farmers and consumers.

–          Mayor’s monthly meeting for policy intervention

–          Monthly (biweekly?) teach-in (talk by resource persons, mayor, video showing, etc.) at Creative Urban Solutions Center

–          Forum with various groups in northern Thailand

– event 10.10.10 – this would be ongoing campaign from now thru 10.10.10 with a focus on drought. There would also be an attempt to have rural and urban perspectives at various events such as the Forums.

§  Maximise our resources

–          Make a list of videos, resource persons/ teachers/ possible funders, organisations.  (Dr. Annon with his organisation called START at Chulalongkorn Uni)

–          Prepare fact sheet on drought/ water issue

–          Better get members together to organise rather than divide into groups

–          Visual materials: Steve can provide

–          Translation (Th and E): K Ja and K Wan can help

–          Email list of NCCN members: K Er has the complete list and will share with everyone

§  Organisation of NCCN:  Fund raising? Full time staff? (K Doungchan’s office has no staff to assist NCCN any longer), Website/ Blog?

Next NCCN meeting: July 21st, 5’30 pm, at Creative Urban Solutions Center


Kirk—divided between local and immediacy of global

Caroline— essentially the same as Kirk.

Steve—get message out with good media resources.

Jere—10/10/10 as ongoing campaign starting now with emphasis on drought

Duongchan—mentioned bike event on August 7th and 8th——–stressed need for funding of a position——stressed need for emphasis on policy work— emphasis on something concrete so people can understand

Tomoko— divided between climate change and environment work similar to Kirk and Caroline.


Jan—help with translation

Duongchan—list of media and resources, list of teachers with whom to work, some videos at Center.  Have regular events at the Center.

Caroline—envior. awareness simple flyer campaign

Steve—deveop video list some with Thai— Steve will contact NGO Coord, Fof Burma and other groups about 10-10-10 after talking with Jere.

Jere— — develop drought campaign around 10-10-10.


About half the people really liked the idea of changing “Northern Climate Change Network” to “Northern Climate Crisis Network” and no one opposed. Ja suggested having a tag line emphasizing crisis rather than changing the one word. We decided to send this decision out to a larger list to see what they thought. Jere will do.