Press release: Bonn UNFCCC outcome provides historic opportunity for Peoples’ Climate Summit to be heardApril 12, 2010 in Press

Pablo Solon, Bolivia’s ambassador to the UN noted that the world remained far from an effective climate deal, but nevertheless cautiously welcomed the conclusions of the UNFCCC negotiations in Bonn that ended 11 April 2010:

“The conclusion of negotiations today in Bonn showed the power of Southern countries when we stand together and oppose undemocratic agreements that threaten the survival of many people.”“Despite continual attempts by the US to make the completely unacceptable Copenhagen Accord the basis for future negotiations, I am glad to say they failed. The G77 group of countries and China remained united and as a result there is no explicit mention of the Copenhagen Accord in the approved resolution. Negotiations will continue based on previously agreed texts.”

“Moreover Bonn opened up a unique opportunity for the historic World Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth that will take place in Bolivia 19-22 April 2010. In the Bonn resolution, it was agreed that the new negotiation text will take into consideration proposals that are presented before 26 April 2010.”

“As more than 15,000 people, including scientists, artists, social movement and community leaders as well as representatives of up to 70 governments prepare to meet in Cochabamba, Bolivia, we have an
unprecedented opportunity to have a Peoples’ Climate Agenda advanced on the most critical issue of our time.”

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