Talk on Climate Catastrophe – Tues. 9 th Feb 2010 by Michael Tuckson , at the Alliance Francaise, Caroenpratet Rd (just south of the Chedi Hotel and across the road) 7:30 pm—-

Dearies Please come to Michael’s talk Wednesday.

He likes to quote Philip Sutton who on radio in 2008  said the following:

“Clearly we mustn’t emit any more greenhouse gases that will add to warming. And we must remove the overload of carbon dioxide from the air – 200 billion tonnes of carbon in fact – and store it safely – for example by growing plant matter and converting it to agrichar for very long term storage in the soil). And for some decades we may have to actively cool the earth by boosting its reflectivity. The Arctic melt has rewritten the rule book.

Even (Ross) Garnaut seems unaware of this. The bottom line is that we can no longer afford to have any fossil fuel emissions from any source, wether from coal or gas, new or old. We must act with emergency speed over the next 10 years to build a new energy economy based on efficiency and renewable energy. ”

Now do not drive to the talk please.