As background to this call from Jubilee South you may wish to look at look at the computer model graph and its assumptions toward the end.

The Call below I believe in its original form had fundamental weaknesses – a failure to recognize the class nature of society as cause of our problems,  a continued use of notions of trade and debt taken from the ruling class in its discussion and an apparent ignorance of the ongoing crisis affecting industrialised countries which in the context of the Climate Catastrophe have far more real liabilities than assets.  I have attempted to keep its original structure with suggested amendments in italics. Please Read and discuss in the comment space below.


To all JS-APMDD Members and Friends

Call for Coordinated Activities and Actions

for Climate Justice

On December 7 to 18, almost 200 governments will be meeting in a Conference of Parties (COP) in Copenhagen in an attempt to reach agreements that will have major impacts to the future of our peoples and the planet. JS-APMDD urges all its members and friends to use this occasion to raise the demands for climate justice and call on governments all over the world to take decisive steps towards solving the climate crisis.

In particular, we urge you to organize actions during the following dates:

  • Nov 29 to Dec 5, when government negotiators prepare to leave for Copenhagen . We urge you to hold mobilizations in front of embassies of the G8 and G20 governments.
  • Dec 12 –  the day of the massive mobilization in Copenhagen joined by all groups and movements.  We urge you to hold counterpart events and actions in various Asian cities.
    • December 14  –  which will be the day of action not on Ecological Debt and Climate Debt but  but on ending and reversing Economic Growth and reversing the negative effects of Imperialism & Neo-colonialism. We urge you to organize actions raising no rejecting the call for Reparations. The call for reparations is misguided in two respects. Firstly looking at history and the punitive reparative outcomes forced on Germany after WWI can be regarded as a cause of the rise of Nazism and WWII. In contrast the Marshall plan was a success which brought peace. Secondly apart from assets such as developed educational and health systems, the so-called developed countries will be found to be close to bankruptcy while faced with the need for an urgent transformation of every aspect of economic life. .

Through these actions, we will put forward the following demands:

1. Not for North countries to give full reparations for the ecological debt and climate debt they owe to the South as these are historically too long (going back to the destruction ofNorth Africa by the Romans and Greeks) , too great and in cases such as the thousands of species extinctions and countless cases of genocide, without meaning. Neither of these are the responsibility of the North alone.

Rather we call for the canceling of all debts both national and international; the socialization of housing, productive property, infrastructure and superstructure;  and the internationalization of the World’s natural wealth to be managed sustainably and equitably with the local people .
2. We demand not only that the North countries to undertake deep, drastic cuts of GHG emissions through domestic measures but they do so drawing on positive experiences on lifestyles and transformative measures of the South and East and that parallel cuts and transformations also take place amongst sectors of Southern & Eastern societies which hitherto have been developing along the capitalist, consumerist road.
3. The Peoples of the Southern nations to assert their right to eliminate the greedy elites that run them for the benefit of the few and to develop and meet the needs of their people through a system that is ecologically sound, just, equitable and democratic.
4.  No to false solutions that:

  • Violate the rights of indigenous peoples, women and other marginalized groups; Undermine ecological balance and have no significant contribution to reduction in GHG emissions
  • Allow northern and southern governments to evade their responsibilities; Pave the way for private corporations to continue in existence and thereby generate profits from the climate crisis and for elites to exercise greater control over natural resources.

5.     End the policies, operations and projects of IFIs (International Financial Institutions) that exacerbate climate change.  Stop IFIs, especially the WB (World Bank) and regional development banks, from claiming major roles in addressing the climate crisis by developing a new World Currency giving equitable access to all humanity and abolishing existing national currencies and gold as currency .
6. Cancel all illegitimate and fair debts claimed from the South as a matter of justice and as a major step towards enabling countries to deal with the economic and climate crises as the first step

towards No 5.
7.  End trade and related agreements that continue the destructive exploitation of the environment and local social and economic systems, obstruct climate justice and exacerbate peoples’ vulnerability.
8. Fulfillment of the basic rights of indigenous peoples, working people, farmers, fisher folk, forest peoples, women, youth and other marginalized groups in all processes and programs addressing the climate crisis.
9. An end to War and immediate nuclear disarmament.
We will give prominence to the following calls:




Please share with us information on your plans and send us news and photos of your activities immediately after they have taken place so we can help circulate and disseminate them and post them at our website.